Wire Bunching And Cable Laying Machines

Product Image (PRV-HSB-630)

High Speed Double Twist Wire Bunching Machine

Auto high speed twisting machine for multi-strand conductors

Product Image (PRV-BT-V-500)

Vertical Back Twist Buncher Double Bobbin With Takeup

This machines is used for bunching of back twisted pair for LAN cables.

Product Image (PRV-BT-H-500)

Horizontal Double Bobbin Back Twist Buncher

Back twist pair bunching for LAN cable,CAT6 cable with insulated core wire ensuring equal twist tension.

Product Image (PRV-ST-1000)

High Speed Single Twist Cantilever Buncher

The machine is mainly used for multiple pair laying of data cables, HDMI cables, power cables, bare copper wire (fine wire), Multi core shielded cables, control cables etc.

Product Image (PRV-ST-800)

Frame Type Single Twisting Machine

Suitable for all kinds of power cable, communication cables and other cores laying along with central taping and longitudinal taping.


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